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Lockport Baptist Church is a small town, family-friendly church, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and the Henry County Baptist Association.

Our Staff


Paul Briscoe

Paul has served as the Pastor since April 2008.  Paul and his wife, Janetta, and son, Jaden, live in Pleasureville. 


Billy Reed Clements, John Mark Clements, John Craigmyle, Steve Davie, Rick Mahoney, and David Wilson

Music Team

 Song Leader – Billy Reed Clements/John Mark Clements

Pianist- Kim Kelly/Janetta Briscoe

Other Staff

Treasurer – Lorrie Cook

Sunday School Clerk – Bill Jackson


Lockport Baptist
Lockport Baptist thought to Organize

The actual organization date is unknown.  However a bulletin form the 1950's states 1799.

Lockport Baptist History
Admitted into the Concord Baptist Association

The Concord Baptist Association consisted of membership from churches in Owen, Carroll, and Henry Counties. 

Lockport Baptist History
21 members were baptized into the church
Lockport Baptist History
New church building built

Membership was reported as 101.

Lockport Baptist History
Earliest available church minutes

The church met every 4th Saturday.  The pastor was shared with other churches in the vicinity.

Lockport Baptist History
Earliest known picture
Church 1910

The building was one room, designed for preaching.  The property on which the church stands was deeded by Mrs. Sarah Abrams, purchased for one dollar.  Mrs. Abrams mentioned the love and affection I have for the Lockport Baptist Church and the cause of Christ on the deed. 


Willie Monihon and Pastor C. H. Curry who served in 1910 and 1911 are in the photo.

June 28, 1903
Lockport Baptist History
Mission established at the Clements Bottom Schoolhouse
Clements Bottom Schoolhouse

On June 28, 1903, the church voted to establish a mission in the Clements Bottom Schoolhouse. Services were held at the mission on Sunday afternoons, with Sunday school regularly, and preaching occasionally.  Periodic revivals were held at the mission. Services were held there until up in the 1940's.  

Picture circa 1980's. The schoolhouse has undergone a renovation since the picture was taken.

Lockport Baptist History
Henry County Baptist Association Established

Lockport Baptist Church, along with Drennon's Ridge Church were dismissed from the Concord Association to help form the Henry County Baptist Association.

August 12-13, 1919
Lockport Baptist History
Hosted the Henry County Baptist Association's Annual Meeting

Lockport Baptist Church reported 80 members, with the pastor's salary of $121 annually. 

Lockport Baptist History
Sunday School Reorganized

Enrollment was 55.  The seven teachers and officers held weekly workers meetings. The church met on the second and fourth Sundays. Total membership was 93. 

Lockport Baptist History
37 Baptisms
1933 Baptisms

37 people made professions of faith on August 28 & 29, 1933, as candidates for baptism. Many of these people would become faithful lifetime members of Lockport Baptist Church.

October 1945
Lockport Baptist History
Hired a Full-Time Pastor

The membership voted to begin full time services with the pastor's salary increased to $100 per month. 

Lockport Baptist History
Reverend Johnson
Rev Johnson

Full tenure unknown.

Lockport Baptist History
Sunday School Enrollment 142

Sunday School enrollment reached a high of 142 with average attendance of 53.

Lockport Baptist History
Reverend B. C. McMurray
Reverend B. C. McMurray and Ruby

1956-1964 Reverend B. C. McMurray and Ruby.

Lockport Baptist History
Reverend Harold Pope
Rev and Mrs. Harold Pope

1964-1969 Reverend and Mrs. Harold Pope, Pam and Louise. During his tenure at Lockport, Brother Pope also taught school in the Henry County School System.

Lockport Baptist History
Victor Stansbury
Vickie Stansbury

1969-1972 Victor Stansbury pastored LBC.
Photo is his daughter Vickie Stansbury and Cheryl Robinson.

Lockport Baptist History
Pastor Houston Jackson

Thought to serve between 1973-1975.

Lockport Baptist History
Pastor Tim Norman


Lockport Baptist History
New Parsonage was built

A new parsonage was built on land donated to the church by Sam Thomas in memory of his mother. 

If anyone has pictures of the parsonage, please email them to lockportbaptist@gmail.com.

Lockport Baptist History
Dr. Bobby Gantt
Dr. Bobby and Rhonda Gantt

1977-1979 Dr. Bobby and Rhonda Gantt

Lockport Baptist History
Flood 1978
Lockport Baptist History
Brother Paul Elmore
Brother Paul Elmore and Rebekiah

1980-1982 Brother Paul Elmore and Rebekiah.

September 1983
Lockport Baptist
Reverend Wayne Kelly became Pastor
Brother Kelly

Served from September 1983 - March 2008


With 24 1/2 years, he remains the longest tenured pastor in the 165 plus years history of the church. 

Lockport Baptist History
Church Addition

A fellowship hall, kitchen, and bathrooms were built onto the church.

Lockport Baptist History
Flood 1997

1997 flood , 8' in church

April 2008
Lockport Baptist History
Brother Paul Briscoe

Served April 2008-Present

Lockport Baptist History
Flood 2010

Water was in the church.  

March 2021
Lockport Baptist History
Flood 2021